CodeDAO Web3 hackathon winners has been announced

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CodeDAO Web3 hackathon has successfully ended and winners were announced on Nov 6, 2022. It is hosted by CodeDAO and CYFS. A total of 20 Silicon Valley teams participated in the competition. The final winners of the competition are as follows:

1st prize

Project: IPFS file access accelerator

Description: This project uses CYFS technology to solve various file access problems of DHT based IPFS network, including slow access speed, inaccessible cold files, and long retrieval time for wrong links.

Team name: GiGi Studio

CodeDAO repo address: cyfs://a/9tGpLNnHNGVtwhQJ6qjXvVp17V8s6q5sSBBMKhMHnkZ5/index.html#/okra_team/okra_ipfs2cyfs

2nd prize

Project: Personal content publishing tool

Description: This project provides an easy-to-build, low-cost personal content publishing tool, similar to a personal FTP server.

Team name: Magic

CodeDAO repo address: cyfs://a/9tGpLNnHNGVtwhQJ6qjXvVp17V8s6q5sSBBMKhMHnkZ5/index.html#/Magic/cyfs-ftp-hackathon

3rd prize


Encouragement prize

Project 1: Crypto carbon market

Description: This project is an NFT marketplace to sell projects in form of NFT and Carbon removals by GCT token to buy or sell Carbon credits.

Team name: Keley

CodeDAO repo address: cyfs://a/9tGpLNnHNGVtwhQJ6qjXvVp17V8s6q5sSBBMKhMHnkZ5/index.html#/alir/greenomics

Project 2: PrettyURL

Description: This project is like GoDaddy, Porkbun, or Google Domains but for CYFS website; make it easy for non-technical people to get personal semantic links.

Team name: Gaburok

CodeDAO repo address: cyfs://a/9tGpLNnHNGVtwhQJ6qjXvVp17V8s6q5sSBBMKhMHnkZ5/index.html#/Reznight/PrettyURL

More event info about CodeDAO Web3 hackathon see here. We will continue to hold hackathons to discover more great Web3 projects based on CYFS. We believe a real Web3 dapp is:

  1. Not only smart contract
  2. Fully decentralized
  3. Can replace the applications we used every day

CYFS is the only infrastructure that can achieve the above. Follow us Twitter and Discord. We will post the time of the next hackathon in the community.

Let's build Web3 together!