The difference between Filecoin and Arweave

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Many people don't quite understand the difference between Filecoin and Arweave

A few quick notes.

1.Filecoin's storage is similar to AWS and Google Cloud, pay-as-you-go.

The stored files will expire and can be deleted.

Arweave is permanent storage upon upload and cannot be deleted.

2. Because of Filecoin's encapsulated storage incentives, miners store a lot of junk content, which is the main point of criticism of Filecoin.

Arweave does not incentivize output by storage content, so the stored content is much more real and the total amount of storage is much smaller.

$AR total: 66 million, currently circulating about: 58 million.

Status of unlocking.

Most of the $AR have been unlocked, and the projects that are still in the unlocked state use incentives and teams/consultants, all of which will be unlocked by the middle of next year.

Mining incentives have produced about 10 million. The remaining 1 million will take a long time to mine because of the annual halving mechanism similar to BTC.

Another statistic: Arweave has only 45,393 $AR in all data storage fees since 18.6.2018, so it may take a long time to rely on data storage fees to maintain the value cycle of the whole network.

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