Decentralized storage is the key technology to achieve web 3.0

By long ·  

The blockchain NFT metaverse is the hot topic of the Internet today, and is also the way to implement web 3.0. web 3.0 will create a new economic model and give users control over their data. However, those blockchain NFT metaverse projects currently claim to be decentralized, but in fact they themselves are centralized storage, and do not achieve true decentralized storage.

In the early stage of web 3.0 development, many basic platforms are not perfect. We will hear a slogan "We will use the advantages of blockchain immutability to build a DAPP, even if we need to store files in a centralized place, it does not matter."

Blockchain immutability is a very good web 3.0 technology, and there are already many market applications based on blockchain technology developed to improve security by making data immutable. But these applications do not store data through a truly decentralized storage technology, and the application companies can modify and delete the data at any time.

The process of web3.0 implementation Blockchain-based file storage system -> Decentralized data -> Decentralized Internet

CYFS through OOD (OOD is short for Owner Online Device) truly decentralizes the storage of user data and returns the control of data to the users themselves. All applications without truly decentralized data storage are not truly decentralized applications, and cannot achieve a truly decentralized Internet.