What exactly is Web3? 1

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If you google "Web3", the titles that pop up are basically like this:

Today's Internet industry is not only highly competitive, but also layoffs.

Now, the Internet industry has set off the web3 boom, data back to the user, Web3 is the Internet of 20 years ago.

Many people are saying, hurry up and join web3, or it will be too late.

So what exactly is Web3?

Today CYFS to the big introduction about Web3 knowledge, read on together!

What is web3

Web1 can only be read - web2 can be both read and created - web3 is about ownership of reading and creation.

When we use social media applications in web2, all data is stored on the company's servers and most large platforms are handled by only a few companies.

We contribute our data to these companies and rely on them. But do we really want to do that?

No, simply because we have no other choice.

Just like artists never really own what they make, we don't "really" have control over our money. But banks can, and they have the power to freeze someone's account, and there have been many instances in history where withdrawals have been stopped.

This shows how centralized the world we live in is!

There are many other examples of why we need a decentralized and web3 world and why this is important.

It would be interesting to know about sound.xyz (a music website) and how it helps artists create independently and make more money through ownership.

Centralized platforms have been so dominant for so long that many people have forgotten that there are better ways to build Internet services.

Web3, based on the crypto network, is one such presence, leveling the playing field for third-party developers, creators, and businesses, a network shared by the development community.

To be continued

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