What is EVM

By Long ·  

EVM stands for Ethereum Virtual Machine. It is a decentralized virtual machine that executes smart contracts on the Ethereum blockchain. It is used to enable developers to create and run decentralized applications on the Ethereum network. The EVM is an important part of the Ethereum ecosystem, as it allows for the creation of complex and secure smart contracts that can be used to facilitate a wide range of services and applications.

The EVM works by executing a series of instructions that are encoded in a smart contract. These instructions are executed by the EVM whenever a transaction is sent to the smart contract. The EVM maintains a global state, which includes the current values of all the variables and data structures used by the smart contract.

When a transaction is sent to a smart contract, the EVM first checks to see if the transaction is valid and authorized to access the contract. If the transaction is valid, the EVM will execute the instructions in the smart contract, updating the global state as necessary. Once the instructions have been executed, the EVM will record the updated state of the contract in the blockchain, and the transaction will be considered complete.

The EVM is designed to be a secure and tamper-proof environment for executing smart contracts. It uses a number of techniques to ensure the integrity and security of the contracts it executes, including cryptographic signatures, gas limits, and other security measures.