How does decentralized cloud storage works?

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Decentralized cloud storage is a type of cloud storage that uses a network of computers, rather than a single centralized server, to store data. Instead of storing data on a single server that is owned and operated by a single company, decentralized cloud storage distributes the data across a network of computers, each of which is owned and operated by a different entity. ( What is decentralized storage )

There are several different ways that decentralized cloud storage can work, but one common approach is to use a decentralized network such as a blockchain to store and manage the data. In this model, each node on the network is responsible for storing and maintaining a copy of the data, and the data is encrypted and distributed across the network to ensure its security and integrity.

Decentralized cloud storage has several advantages over traditional centralized cloud storage. Because the data is distributed across a network of computers, it is more resilient to failures and outages, and it is less vulnerable to data breaches and other security threats. Additionally, because decentralized cloud storage is not controlled by a single entity, it offers users greater control and autonomy over their data.

Overall, decentralized cloud storage is an innovative approach to storing and managing data that offers many benefits over traditional centralized storage models.