What is decentralized storage

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In the centralized storage technology used in web 2.0 Internet applications, users' data are stored on some web application server, and the control of the data is in this company, not owned by the users themselves. Users are not free to modify and delete these data to protect their privacy, nor can they generate revenue and bring benefits for themselves through these data. There is also the risk of data leakage.

Decentralized storage, technically different from centralized storage. Decentralized storage will completely solve the problem of data ownership and return the control of data to the user himself, which will be more secure and reliable. Decentralized storage is to meet the needs of Internet users for a more secure, trusted and controlled storage in a more decentralized and untrustworthy network environment. Here, it is important to emphasize that the blockchain itself is not used as storage, but is a ledger to record the information of transactions. At least the current blockchain technology can not be used directly as storage, and whether the future development of technology can, this depends on the demand. At present, there is no need for this.

CYFS has been developed for 6 years to achieve a truly decentralized storage technology.

OOD is short for Owner Online Device, it is the most critical design of CYFS.

OOD is the entrance of web3, and it is the basis of decentralization.

OOD saves its user's own data and runs its own apps.

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